Soho by Bren is a unique development that seamlessly combines both commercial and residential elements, offering a vibrant and versatile living and working environment.

Located on Kanakapura Main Road, Soho by Bren enjoys a prime location with excellent connectivity. Situated just 200 meters from the Silk Institute Metro station and with easy access to the NICE Road, the project offers convenient transportation options for both residents and businesses. Its strategic location also provides great connectivity to nearby weekend getaways, allowing residents to enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

Spanning across a spacious 2.8-acre land area, Soho by Bren is designed with urban living in mind. Over 79% of the area is dedicated to open spaces, creating a refreshing and inviting atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. The project offers 175 luxury 2 and 3 BHK apartments, ranging in size from 1331 to 1894 square feet. These thoughtfully designed living spaces provide ample room for comfort and relaxation.

In addition to the residential units, Soho by Bren incorporates commercial spaces, making it a mixed-use development. This presents opportunities for businesses to establish their offices or retail outlets within the same complex. The commercial areas provide a dynamic and convenient environment for companies to operate and cater to the needs of the surrounding community.

Soho by Bren boasts a wide range of premium amenities, with over 20 facilities available to residents and occupants. These include a squash court, swimming pool, pets park, cricket pitch, and a grand 22,000 square feet Broadway-themed clubhouse. The amenities are designed to enhance the overall living experience, offering residents and employees a luxurious and enjoyable lifestyle.

The project features a configuration of basement, ground floor, and seven upper floors, resulting in a total of nine levels. Each floor plate in Soho by Bren measures approximately 11,500 square feet, providing ample space for commercial activities and ensuring efficient utilization of the area.

The building is scheduled to be completed in 2025, offering residents and businesses a brand-new and contemporary space to call home or establish their operations. Parking facilities are well-provided with a parking ratio of 1:1500, ensuring ample parking spaces for residents, employees, and visitors.

Currently, 75,000 square feet of leasable area is available in Soho by Bren, providing an opportunity for businesses to secure a space within this vibrant development. This availability adds to the appeal and potential of the project for commercial purposes.

In summary, Soho by Bren is a dynamic mixed-use development located on Kanakapura Main Road. With its combination of residential apartments, commercial spaces, abundant amenities, and prime location, it offers residents and businesses a unique and vibrant environment to thrive in.






Krishna Chaitanya
General Manager - Commercial Leasing