Bren Balavana is a distinguished commercial building situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Koramangala. The building features a ground floor, mezzanine level, and two upper floors, resulting in a total of four floors. With a built-up area of approximately 22,000 square feet, it offers ample space for various commercial activities.

The configuration of Bren Balavana comprises a basement and two dedicated basements, ensuring convenient parking options for tenants and visitors. The provision of parking spaces is essential for the smooth functioning and accessibility of the building.

Bren Balavana is home to renowned brands such as NOLTE (Home Studio India) and Fujitsu, adding prestige and credibility to the establishment. The presence of these notable names highlights the building's desirability and suitability for businesses seeking a prime location in Koramangala.

Additionally, the registered office of Bren Corporation, the real estate development company, is located within Bren Balavana. This further emphasizes the significance and reputation of the building within the industry.

The gross leasable area of Bren Balavana spans 22,000 square feet, providing ample space for businesses to establish their operations. The building offers a range of commercial spaces suitable for various purposes, including offices, retail outlets, and other commercial activities.

Each floor in Bren Balavana features a typical floor plate of 4,500 square feet. This allows for flexible and adaptable workspace configurations, accommodating the specific needs of different tenants. The design of the floor plates ensures efficient space utilization and promotes a comfortable and productive working environment.

Parking facilities at Bren Balavana are well-planned, with a parking ratio of 1:750. This ensures sufficient parking spaces for employees, visitors, and clients, making accessibility convenient and hassle-free.

Currently, Bren Balavana is fully leased out, indicating its popularity and attractiveness among businesses seeking a prime location in Koramangala. The building houses a diverse range of companies, contributing to a vibrant and dynamic business community within its premises.

In summary, Bren Balavana is a prestigious commercial building located in Koramangala. With its well-designed floor plates, dedicated parking facilities, and the presence of renowned brands, it offers a desirable and conducive environment for businesses to thrive and succeed.






Krishna Chaitanya
General Manager - Commercial Leasing