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Bren's lineage is one of real estate and construction, with a core industry experience that goes back 25 years. Residential layouts and apartment complexes were followed by commercial tech parks and high street retail.

The last five years have seen a quantum shift in the way we approach project development. At the very heart of the Bren, promise is a unique approach to construction - defined by what we call Brennovation, our philosophy and practice of constant innovation to enhance customer experience and quality standards.

We have adopted and mastered practices that establish our construction quality as the leading edge while saving time and effort. Technology is today driving how we work to deliver our projects, from our decisions in design to our project management.

Bren Corporation
Bren Corporation
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Bren Corporation
"Nothing drives a society more powerfully than its children. Children mark the change in society, long before its true potential is seen and realized"

Bren's synchrony with education stems from a philosophy of development, rather then one of the results.

Holistic education, where children are nurtured and developed through open learning, interaction, and connected thinking, is at the core of how we see education for the child. Self-discipline, a secular outlook, and moral values come from the environment of the child, who absorbs the traits and values of those around. These are important in building a confident child who can be a global citizen, with a keen sense of justice and inner strength.

Sishu Griha Montessori and High School is one of Bangalore's foremost beacons in education. Founded in 1978, the school was a pioneer in setting up the Montessori system in the city, heralding a new stream of awareness in child education. Currently, in HAL 3rd Stage, the new Sishu Griha school, being built by Bren not far away, promises to deliver education true to the vision of the school, giving rise to a new generation of confident, well-rounded children.

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Bren Corporation

Bren's foray into the furniture and interiors market began in 2006, with the aim of delivering to Indian homes high quality, well-designed furniture at great value. The global development of modular furniture and the appeal of the growing Indian market presented a special opportunity for pioneering German furniture maker Nolte and Bren.

The Nolte-Bren strategic partnership has emerged as a key force in the Indian furniture market today, touching homeowners and designers across the country.

This modest vision has today evolved into one of the largest premium furniture retail chains in India and has spawned development in eCommerce and the the mid-segment market as well, widening the scale of the enterprise.

The product portfolio is focused on Kitchens, Bedrooms, and Cabinetry.

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