Being a leading builder of major infrastructure projects, we are equally committed to developing projects that will contribute to the quality of life. Bren is actively involved both directly as well as in association with accredited organizations, in order to make a positive social change in our communities. This includes diversified areas such as promoting education, healthcare, socio-economic empowerment, promotion of sports activities etc. Our recent involvement includes, support for an old age home, healthcare & daycare facilities for children of workers at the construction site, supporting a NGO working towards welfare of children, a go green marathon to spread message on environmental issues and social issues etc.

Day Care Centre

Bren Corporation has created a Day Care Centre for the children of labourers working at 'Bren Woods'. This centre that started with 14 children now takes care of more than 26 children between the age group of 3 and 6. At the centre the children are provided breakfast, mid-day meals and snacks. Bren has entered into an agreement with 'Good Neighbours', an NGO to run the centre and teach the children alphabets, numbers, and most importantly hygiene. As part of this endeavour, a qualified doctor visits the centre on a monthly basis for medical check-ups.

Little Sisters of the Poor

Bren is a supporter of the Little Sisters of the Poor and regularly contributes food to the aged inmates of the old age home. Bren has donated footwear to all the inmates of the old age home located at Hosur Road. Employees of Bren regularly interact with the inmates bringing them joy.

Go Green Run - 2014

2014 Go Green Run' was organised together with the Champions Group on July 26, 2014. The 'Go Green Run' was organised to help individuals and organisations realise their role and responsibility towards the society and the environment they live in. The event was an excellent vehicle to spread message on environmental issues and social issues.

Akshara Foundation

Bren Corporation was one of the main sponsors of the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) Golf Tournament. The proceeds of this tournament went to Akshara Foundation – an NGO that works for the welfare of children.

Polio Mass Immunisation Drive

Bren Corporation was very actively involved with the BBMP’s Immunisation Drive against Polio. All site project managers were involved in this drive that saw most of the labourers' children, especially the migratory labours' children being immunised. We created a special immunisation centre during this drive.